In Good Company


It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of social connections in our long-term happiness, health and well-being. Those of us who are close to family, friends and community are more likely to find a way through our problems than those who feel detached or isolated.

When a child is injured or diagnosed with a serious illness, the need for community becomes even more vital. Whether it comes through intimate friendships or a large support network, the company of others with shared values and experiences becomes a salve for turmoil and pain.

Every day at BC Children’s Hospital, children and parents meet and make alliances, and connect through caregivers, mutual friends or widespread networks. In this issue of Speaking of Children, you’ll meet families who have connected, bonded and supported each other through their children’s health-care journeys. Through alliances they have found their voices. And through sharing their stories and listening to those of others, they have found their strength and courage.

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