Legacy of Love

As the matriarch of a large extended family, Marion Crawford knows about love and heartache. When health crises hit two of her great-grandchildren and both found care and treatment at BC Children’s Hospital, Marion showed her gratitude by leaving a gift to the hospital in her will. Her generosity will support excellence in child health care for years to come. 

Just before Marion’s great-grandson Nevan turned two, he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour. The crisis pulled the family together in a tight circle of support. As Marion stood by during Nevan’s treatment and recovery, she grew ever more impressed by the care provided at BC Children’s Hospital, and by the expertise of Nevan’s oncologist, Dr. Sheila Pritchard.

After several rounds of chemotherapy, Nevan’s tumour had shrunk enough that he could undergo surgery to remove it. Two years after his last round of chemo, Nevan was cancer-free and ready to take on life and his favourite activity again: playing hockey with his friends.

Marion’s family braced itself for another challenge when Marion’s great-granddaughter Lauren was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, a misalignment of the hip joints. BC Children’s orthopedic surgeons Dr. Chris Reilly and Dr. Kishore Mulpuri led operations to fix the toddler’s left hip and placed the little girl in a body cast for three months. 

Following the second surgery, Lauren’s hips have healed, and she now enjoys activities like swimming, horseback riding and soccer. 

With her legacy gift, Marion acknowledges future generations of children who will also require treatment and care at BC Children’s Hospital. “Healthy and happy children is what is most important to me – not only the children in my family but all children,” says Marion. “I am honoured to be able to contribute through a gift in my will.”

To learn more about how to include a gift to BC Children’s Hospital in your estate plans, please contact Ellen Schappert at 604.875.2345 ext. 4774 or toll-free at 1.888.663.3033. You can also email Ellen at or visit

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