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Strength in Numbers

When you’re a parent, news of your child’s injury or diagnosis can hit like an emotional earthquake. As the aftershocks strike the psyche, it’s natural for thoughts to run wild and resort to the worst possible outcome. Despite expressions of compassion from friends and family, it’s natural to feel alone.

Every day at BC Children’s Hospital, young patients are surrounded by a team that specializes in family-centred care, respecting the child as part of a bigger whole — an integral part of the family unit.

When the diagnosis is new, parents tend to feel powerless, out of control. To function effectively as solid caregivers, they, too, need empathy and new models of coping to help them become calm, solid supports for their child.

Thankfully, over the years support networks have taken shape for parents of children who have common, or uncommon, medical conditions. These networks offer everything from advice on resources to an understanding ear. On the recommendation of BC Children’s Hospital caregivers, hundreds of parents have reached out to organizations like the Children’s Heart Network or the Rare Disease Foundation. It’s there they find others who have experienced similar turmoil and triumphs, and are ready to listen and share experiences.

Whether it’s through a large network, or from the comfort of just one empathic friend, strong social networks give parents the encouragement, advocacy and guidance they need to navigate the labyrinth of care inside and outside of the health-care system.

When you donate, you support all of our caregivers and researchers at BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute, as they work with parents to keep them well-informed and connected to those who’ve stood in their shoes. Together, through talking, listening, sharing experiences and insights, parents find their power and their peace of mind.

Thank you for your support.

Warm regards,

Teri Nicholas, MSW, RSW
President & CEO
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

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