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The astounding total of $18.8 million revealed on Miracle Weekend May 30 and 31 shows once again the importance British Columbians attach to their children’s hospital. Thanks to a year’s worth of fundraising and awareness activities undertaken throughout our communities, and the two-day broadcast on Global BC, thousands came to better understand the impact BC Children’s has on the lives of children and their families and were moved to donate.

This outpouring of support from every corner of the province makes miracles happen. It ensures the children who need it most receive the very best care from our talented caregivers.

BC Children’s Hospital treats every child who is critically injured or ill in the province and the Yukon. In this issue of Speaking of Children, we introduce you to some of our youngest patients confronted with life-threatening conditions in their first year of life. Thankfully, each of these stories has a happy ending!

We also include a special section to congratulate and acknowledge the individuals, organizations, families, volunteers and sponsors who reached deep into their hearts and pocketbooks to make the 2015 Miracle Weekend the biggest in its 28-year history. 

Almost daily, our surgeons perform procedures on infants under a year old. In fact, more than half of the 200 open-heart procedures performed last year at BC Children’s were on babies who had not yet reached their first birthday. During these times of struggle and anguish, our caregivers do everything they can to ensure the best chance of recovery and good health. At the same time, they make sure to look after the well-being of families, for they are also dealing with a new reality.

Thanks to supporters like you, we can continue to be there for every patient – infant, toddler, child and teenager – who requires specialized medical care. Your support ensures our outstanding medical professionals give each child we treat the most up-to-date, personalized care.

Thank you for your incredible care and commitment to the health and well-being of our children.


David Podmore, O.B.C.
Chair, Board of Directors
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

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