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Spirit of Giving

Annelie Bloch is 90 years young. The long-time supporter of BC Children’s Hospital approaches life with a positive attitude and a can-do spirit, so it’s hardly a surprise that she approaches her estate planning the same way.

When Annelie and her husband Harry sat down with their trust officer, they realized they didn’t have a beneficiary for the bulk of their estate. “Children don’t run in our families,” jokes Annelie. “Both of us would dearly have loved children but we have only distant relatives and some very special friends. We wanted to make sure they got something.”

Their trust officer inquired if there was a charity they supported; Annelie immediately thought of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. The couple decided to make the foundation a beneficiary in their will. “It is so important that children be given the best chance,” Annelie says. “They are our future.”

For Annelie and Harry, getting their estate in order – with a will, a power of attorney, a health-care representation agreement and other documents – gave them peace of mind. Each knew that the other would be protected and secure if one of them had a health crisis.

Sadly, this worst-case scenario happened. When Harry fell ill, Annelie nursed him tenderly until he passed. It was a terrible blow to Annelie but she remained strong. “I have to be strong,” she says. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

By leaving her estate to benefit BC’s children, Annelie knows that she is contributing to the well-being of future generations. “I do it with my whole heart,” she exclaims. Annelie is one of the original members of the Caring for the Future Society, a special group formed by BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to honour donors who have left a future gift to the hospital.

Annelie’s infectious energy and lifelong commitment to learning is inspiring. Currently, the nonagenarian enjoys communicating on Facebook and researching her travels. “It keeps my mind sharp,” she says.

To learn more about how to include a gift to BC Children’s Hospital in your estate plans, please contact Ellen Schappert at 604-875-2345 Ext. 4774 or toll-free at 1-888-663-3033. You can also email us at or visit

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