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Broken Canucks' Sticks Brightening Orthopedics: David Gagnon's Story

Posted by Winnie Tam on 27 February 2014 | 0 Comments

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Thanks to the Canucks’ donation of hockey sticks, patients cared for by the Orthopedics Department at BC Children’s Hospital receive a rare memento as part of their treatment as means to motivate and help them stand after their procedures, and also to keep children’s feet apart and remain in the proper position as they recover.

The treatment and recovery period for many orthopedics patients can be long, painful and frustrating, sometimes lasting for several months.

But don't just take it from us - hear from a patient mom, in her own words, how this amazing program injects a bit of fun into the process; helping kids like her son, David, cope with the their recovery and feel special.

The day David received his hockey stick was just another one of his many follow ups at Children's. Neither one of us had any idea he was going to get anything, When the OT brought out the stick David's face lit up but when he found out that it was an actual or in his words "a for real Canucks NHL stick!" he actually screamed. He didn't understand why he was getting it.

The OT explained to him how the Canucks donate their broken sticks to the hospital for them to use or give out to the kids. He used his stick to try and help him stand up.

David Gagnon, BC Children's Hospital

When he came home for a visit (he is currently staying at Sunny Hill for inpatient therapy) he couldn't wait to show it off to his siblings. Everyone in the house was jealous that he had Burrows stick and in awe of having something that was actually used by a Canuck.

With how long and complicated the last six months have been for David, seeing him get so excited and seem to forget that he was at the hospital for more appointments was amazing, I have to admit his hockey stick is probably one of the most memorable gifts he has received. He can't wait to go to school and show it off to all of his friends.

It may not seem like much for the players to send off their broken sticks but for kids or even the entire family who receives them it really does mean a lot. David and his siblings have never been to a Canucks game but you better believe we watch as many games as possible.

Thank you so much for helping put a smile on my sons face and for giving him something he is so proud to tell everyone about. Oh I must add David thought that it was so cool having a "photo shoot" at the hospital also.

Marie Gagnon, mom of David Gagnon

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