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Jensen's story

Posted by Brittany Beaupre on 17 July 2014 | 1 Comments

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We put out the call last June, during our Miracle Weekend telethon broadcast, to our amazing online community, asking them to contribute their BC Children's Hospital stories. Here is just one of the many amazing stories we received, and will be sharing more with you in the coming months.

What does BC Children's mean to you? Jensen's story

I became pregnant with my son, Jensen, in August of 2011. We carefully planned having him, as I am a type 1 diabetic. I loved being pregnant, but quickly developed complications. I had moderately high blood pressure the whole pregnancy and developed polyhydramnios. By 35 weeks I measured 42 cm. Jensen was born five and a half weeks prematurely via c-section after his umbilical cord was pinched in utero. His heart stopped beating during extraction and he was revived in the operating room. He was 7 pounds 12 ounces. born with multi-system organ failure and lactic acidosis. He had a very grim prognosis.

Jensen could not eat or breathe on his own. We spent two weeks in BC Children's hospital while he received oxygen, plasma, platelet and lipid infusions. A few days after his birth he also experienced a small stroke and many seizures, both of which seem to have had no lasting effects. We were eventually transferred to a lower level NICU in another hospital, and finally went home after two months.

BC Children's moved mountains for me so that I could stay near my son, and saved his life. Now he is a healthy, happy little boy who has few symptoms of ever having been as terribly sick as he was when he was born. Today, we still have follow ups at BC Children's, speech therapy and physiotherapy. The staff, doctors and nurses in this hospital are miracle workers who gave me a life with my son. I am eternally grateful.

Tell us about Jensen:

Jensen is a rambunctious, happy kid. He loves being chased, playing with cars and throwing around a ball or two. He loves the outdoors, going for walks, and wants nothing in this world more than to have a small puppy to play with. His favourite cartoon is Pocoyo, to which he loves to interact by talking, singing and dancing. His favourite band is Fall Out Boy (he likes to rock out in his car seat when we're out for drives) and he LOVES cheese and cuddles. He is so affectionate and thrives in environments with other children. He is also a parrot and learns new words faster than I can teach them!

Why do you believe it is important for people to support BC Children's Hospital?

Going through the experience of needing the kind of help BC Children's can provide is not publicized nearly enough. I was shocked to discover just how many children there were in a single NICU in one hospital. We traveled to three NICUs in BC and there were so many children, some who would not survive, and others who would not go home for more than a year. The parents of these children stop their entire lives and are at the bedside of their children 22 hours a day out of 24. Birth complications are not a thing of the past. Children survive because of the miracles performed for kids of all ages and ailments at BC Children's every day. BC Children's Hospital is VITAL. Help them save lives.

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  • Jensen is my nephew and without Children's hospital I would have lost my nephew and my sister because if they had not helped him survive I don't think she would have either. I am so happy to have them both in our lives because of the people at Children's hospital, thank you so much!!

    Posted by Katrina Fraser, 10/08/2014 2:27pm (4 years ago)

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