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A fighter named William

Posted by Jessica Smith on 15 August 2014 | 0 Comments


William Smith, born at just 29 weeks and weighing only 3.5 pounds, same into the world ready to fight for his life. He is the fifth story, received during Miracle Weekend, when we asked the online community to send in stories of their experiences they have had with Children’s Hospital, that we are sharing on our blog.

Meet William, in his mom’s own words.

Share William’s story, from the beginning, and tell us about how he’s doing now.

It was an uneventful pregnancy until the 20 week ultrasound where we saw that there was an anomaly on the William’s thigh. We were referred to the Maternal Fetal Clinic at BC Women’s Hospital. The anomaly grew, causing higher than normal cardiac output that taxed William’s heart. The heart grew to accommodate the output needed.

Our baby was in dire need of help and no one had seen anything like this before. The decision was made to give birth to him early via emergency caesarian section. It was a scary start and it got even scarier as the days went on. Ignorance was bliss in the beginning, but as we learnt more of the severity and complexity of William’s case, we realized that something needed to be done for him. Interventional radiology was the last thing that Dr. Heran wanted to do, but it was the only option. The rapidly involuting congenital haemangioma, a rare vascular tumor, often described as a birthmark once it has shrunk, or involuted, needed to be dealt with or William’s heart would fail.

What was it like watching your son go into surgery?

The kindness that we were treated with was outstanding. All the teams stopped in to introduce themselves before the surgery. Everything was lined up so we received the help we needed. The biggest challenge was staying positive and believing in things we knew nothing about. Especially when the odds were stacked against our little angel.

How is William doing today?

Bringing William home, we were weary but joyful. All of the help and coaching we received set us up for a successful transition.

Now, we have to only check in with BC Children’s Hospital every six months and my dream is for William to one day thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually. He is a little angel with a big personality. He is bright, alert, and a good communicator.

What would you like to say to your child’s team at the hospital?

My child was saved by the modern technical advances in many fields of medicine. We were not given good odds when William was born, it was the amazing talent and resources available to our team that gave him a fighting chance. They are the absolute top of their profession. I want to thank Caitlyn for being William’s first friend. Dr. Albersheim, you took us under your wing early on and made things happen for us. Allison kept us in the present moment. The kind cleaners and front desk staff all had compassion. Everyone took the time to fully explain procedures and helped us make tough decisions. Bravo Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.


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