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A new BC Children's starts here

Posted by Jessica Thompson on 16 December 2014 | 0 Comments

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Pouring the Foundation: Teck Acute Care Centre. 

Today our lead donors, hospital executives, construction partners, government representatives, both Women’s and Children’s Hospital staff and two inspirational patients, Brooke and Hans, gathered to celebrate the pouring of the foundation for the new Teck Acute Care Centre – the heart of the new BC Children’s Hospital!
The event held much excitement for all attendees, including a chance for Brooke and Hans to place a rock inscribed with words of well wishes, into the foundation.

“The stones will be poured into the foundation of the new building – forever making you, and your wish for the kids cared for at BC Children’s, forever part of this amazing new facility,” said Teri Nicholas, president & CEO of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

All of the speakers gave thanks to our donors, without whom the new hospital would not be a reality.

“Over 80,000 people and organizations contributed to our capital campaign,” said David Podmore, chair of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors. “This means over 80,000 donors said, ‘Children matter enough to me that I’m going to give up some of my hard-earned money to help people I will never meet.’” 

The speeches ended with giving thanks to the young people who inspire us – children like Hans and Brooke.

“They endure without complaint and remind us daily that we are truly fortunate to have the opportunity and the ability to make a difference in the lives of so many through our support of BC Children’s Hospital,” said Podmore. 

With that, guests waved their BC Children’s Hospital flags, cueing the construction workers to start pouring cement. 
Once complete in 2017 the Teck Acute Care Centre will be twice the size of the existing BC Children’s Hospital and will offer even more enhanced and specialized care to children. 

The hospital will have eight levels, all with unique identifying features. The first floor will house the Ledcor Emergency Department and the Lee Family Diagnostics and Imaging Area; the proximity of these two areas allows for quick and easy access to emergency imaging.

With open windows bringing in natural light and every patient room facing the interior gardens, the third floor’s Alex Skidmore Renal Dialysis Unit will offer an ambiance rarely felt in a hospital setting. 

The fourth floor is where the ANOM Special Procedures Suites and the Hudson Family Pediatric Intensive Care Unit will stand. The ICU will include 28 private rooms, each with life-saving equipment at the bedside.

Inpatient rooms will be found on the highest floors of the Teck Acute Care Centre, giving our patients a comfortable environment in which to heal, with easy access to the rooftop gardens. All patients will relax in private rooms, with natural light and a pull-out couch for family stays.

Finally the entire eighth floor of the new hospital is being devoted to treating children with cancer and blood disorders, services that are currently spread across three floors. This single floor will comprise the Capstone Mining Corp. Oncology Clinic and the Oncology Inpatient Unit supported by the Chinese-Canadian community. It will also include a play room and a teen lounge to appeal to patients of varied ages.

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