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A Tough but Positive Journey

Posted by Braydon's Aunt, Angela on 26 May 2014 | 0 Comments


When a child announces they are cancer-free it is a moment of pride for the whole family. For Braydon Mak and his family, these words signified a successful end to a tough but very positive journey.

Braydon was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma five years ago. Today he is cancer free and the 2014 ChildRun Champion Child.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a difficult journey that can be very hard at times. Despite this, Braydon’s positive memories of his experience outnumbered his negative ones. This is evident in a recent conversation that Braydon had with his aunt Angela Cole. She asked him to share what the hardest part about being in the hospital with cancer was. Braydon’s response was “pins and needles.”  When Angela asked if there was anything else hard about the experience, Braydon responded saying “there wasn’t really anything else, or if there was I don’t remember.”

While battling cancer, Braydon had to undergo surgery and six months of chemotherapy, lost all of his hair and had a weakened immune system. Through all of that, Braydon chose to focus on the positive moments that occurred during his time at BC Children’s Hospital. These special moment included meeting Steve Nash and Leo the Lion from the BC Lions, all of the visitors that came to support him and the TV in his room, something he wasn’t allowed to have at home.

As a result of this family journey, Angela and Braydon are now a part of “Team Braydon.” The team was started by Braydon’s dad the year Braydon was diagnosed with cancer and has been growing ever since. Today Team Braydon has more than 100 members and every year, they participate in BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s ChildRun as a way to give back to the facility that saved Braydon’s life.

“Braydon has been an inspiration to so many people and believe me, after our experience, we want to do all we can to help Children’s Hospital make lives better for other children and their families,” Angela says. “Just speaking with my nephew about [his time at Children’s] made my heart feel happy knowing that he carries good memories.”

It is easy to see why “Team Braydon” has so many team members and supporters. The team has a very inspiring and positive Champion to lead the way!

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