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Cassidy’s Craft Campaign

Posted by Angela Crowther on 6 March 2014 | 0 Comments

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Just two weeks short of her eighth birthday Cassidy Leigh Briggs was diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma, a very rare pediatric tumour. This diagnosis, as you can imagine, was the beginning of a tremendous battle that Cassidy fought bravely and with determination until the disease claimed her life two years later, on January 11, 2010.

A lover of nature, Cassidy explored and investigated every creature, big and small, sharing her discoveries with those around her. Her eagerness to read opened up a whole world of imagination and she was eager to engage friends so they too could enjoy the marvels books held within. Cassidy also was an avid creator and her love for arts and crafts, alongside her imagination and fascination with nature, always produced the most amazing creations.

During Cassidy’s short life, she showed the community just how much a little girl had to offer the world. During many of her numerous stays at the hospital she noticed that there was not enough for the children to do there as they worked at healing. Cassidy wanted to make life better for the patients at the BC Children’s Hospital and devised a plan to campaign the community for crafts for the hospital.

Unfortunately, Cassidy passed away before her dream was a reality but her dream would live on through those who loved her. Cassidy’s friends, schoolmates, teachers and family wanted to help make Cassidy’s dream come true and on April 12, 2010, Cassidy’s Craft Campaign was launched.

Now in its 5th year, Cassidy’s Craft Campaign, an initiative of the Cassidy Briggs Foundation, is hoping to continue building on its past success, keeping their sights on the end goal of helping to enhance the emotional health and well-being of the young cancer patients at BC Children’s Hospital, allowing them to better cope with the stress associated with their illness and hospitalization.

Definitely a dream come true.

For more information about the Cassidy Briggs Foundation or about Cassidy’s Craft Campaign, please visit


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