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From Lauren's Heart

Posted by Amanda Arneill on 1 July 2015 | 0 Comments

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Three years after Lauren's life was saved at BC Children's Hospital her family wants to give back to the amazing people who helped them through the roughest time of their lives.

Amanda is running From Lauren's Heart Online Charity Auction throughout the month of July, giving back by partnering up with amazing Instagram and Etsy artists and makers to host an online auction on Instagram with all proceeds going directly to BC Children's Hospital.

The auction is running from July 1 - July 30 on Instagram @amandaarneill. Follow hashtag: #fromlaurensheart.

The following is Amanda's post, kicking off the auction, originally published on Instagram:

Three years ago, BC Children's Hospital saved Lauren's life. And when I say "saved her life" I mean it. Lauren was born with an extremely rare heart defect called ALCAPA which has very few symptoms before death. The symptoms are the same as normal stuff like teething or reflux and every time I took her to the doctor, that's what I was told her problem was. Then one day I felt like there was more. We took Lauren to BC Children's Hospital and within an hour of us getting there her heart stopped and they were trying frantically to resuscitate her. That happened six times during her many stays in the hospital. In the whirlwind that followed, Lauren needed emergency surgery (twice), was on life support for 3 days while her exhausted heart lay unmoving in her chest, and required the constant care of the doctors and nurses. Matt and I have never felt so scared but we knew that there wasn't a better place for her to be than with the amazing people at BC Children's Hospital. Recovery took a very long time but now Lauren is like any other three year old (with a pacemaker and chest scar) and we could not be more grateful. God gave us a miracle and we know it.

Every year in July, we try to give back. There's no amount of money that will make up for what we've been given, but our eventual goal is to raise enough money to help purchase a new life support machine.

All month long, every Wednesday and Sunday, I will be hosting an online auction with amazing items donated by so many talented and wonderful Instagram and Etsy artists. After the auction items go live, I will introduce you to each of these fantastic individuals who have become so special to me. Be sure to check them out! I'm sure you'll find some new talent that makes you stop scrolling. [The] auction item goes live at 9am and bidding lasts for 24 hours. Come back and see the amazing auction package that could be yours. 100% of the money raised goes directly to BC Children's Hospital.

Tell your friends and let's do this!! #fromlaurensheart



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