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Kirmac Collision employees visit BC Children’s Hospital

Posted by Winnie Tam on 11 March 2014 | 0 Comments

Kirmac Collision employees visit BC Children’s Hospital

On March 10, more than 50 employees from Kirmac Collision Services visited BC Children’s Hospital for exclusive tours of the hospital. Kirmac has been supporting BC Children’s for the past four years and last year alone, raised an astounding $162,000 through employee-driven fundraising campaigns and Kirmac Cares for Kids.

At the visit, guests heard from experts in childhood cancer research, drug safety research, intensive care and cardiology, and got rare behind-the-scenes look at where the life-saving work takes place. Participants even got the chance to try their hand at some simulation exercises, giving them a taste of what our caregivers and researchers do on a daily basis.

The event was also attended by 13-year-old Luca Piccolo, last year’s Champion Child, who shared his experience of living with cystic fibrosis, a life-limiting chronic condition that requires him to do physiotherapy and take more than 30 pills a day.

We are grateful for Kirmac’s contributions and hope that the evening gave everyone at Kirmac a deeper understanding of how their support makes a difference.

Thank you, Kirmac, for everything you do for BC’s children!


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