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Meet Braydon, a ChildRun champion

Posted by Sheila Rebellato on 12 May 2014 | 1 Comments

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“Hi. My name is Braydon and I’m a cancer survivor.” For most of us, these aren’t words we would expect to hear from an 11-year-old. But for those who work at BC Children’s Hospital, they are a source of inspiration and the best proof that their work is making a difference for children and families every day.

Braydon Mak is this year’s ChildRun champion child – an honour bestowed each year upon a special childhood cancer fighter.

When Braydon was five, his family noticed that Braydon had long gaps between his snores. Thinking that he had sleep apnea like his father, Michael, the family booked an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist. The doctor found that Braydon’s throat was actually partially blocked off and referred the Maks to BC Children’s Hospital. Upon arrival, what the family thought would be a routine exam turned into something much more terrifying – Braydon was diagnosed with cancer and needed to begin treatment immediately for stage 3 throat and spleen cancer.

Over the following four months, BC Children’s Hospital became Braydon’s new home. Some of his favourite memories include his mother staying with him, his family visiting and playing, the doctors and nurses occasionally doubling as clowns, being allowed to play video games, and getting an ultrasound. Of course, there were darker memories too – of getting shots, his hair falling out and his family not being able to be with him.

That year, Braydon’s family, friends and neighbours participated in ChildRun and started Team Braydon to cheer the boy on; Team Braydon has been a part of ChildRun every year since, with Braydon proudly leading charge.

Michael is grateful for the care his son received during his time at BC Children’s. “We all stand on the shoulders of giants,” he says. “Braydon was cured because of the efforts of those who came before us. We need to keep this going and participate to put an end to cancer.”

Braydon also encourages everyone to participate. “Kids can get involved; kids can help!” he says.

Read Braydon’s full story and sign up for ChildRun today as a participant or volunteer!

Your support will make a tremendous difference in the lives of children like Braydon, and their families. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, June 1!

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