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Meet our Miracle Weekend Youth Hosts

Posted by Brittany Beaupre on 2 June 2017 | 1 Comments

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What would Miracle Weekend be without our incredible Youth Hosts who will speak about their own hospital experience and the impact your donations make on their lives and the lives of children like them? This year our broadcast, which takes place June 3 and 4 on Global BC, will feature Will Heine, Crystal Nguyen, Grace teBoekhorst, Claire Fox, and Aidan Chin. 

Read all about these incredible champions below, and make sure to tune in 7 pm Saturday, June 3 through 5:30, Sunday, June 4, to hear inspiring stories and learn how your donations make a difference.

Will Heine, age 17, Oncology – Saturday evening host

Will Heine’s teenage years have been filled with many long stays at BC Children’s Hospital to treat acute myeloid leukemia. Although complications arose after he began aggressive chemotherapy treatment, ultimately leading to multiple stays in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Will is now in remission!

Tune in on Saturday, June 3 from 7 pm - 9 pm to see Will in action!

Read Will’s full story.

Crystal Nguyen, age 16, Oncology – Saturday evening host

Crystal Nguyen hears it from her friends all the time: How hard was it to have cancer? Did it hurt?

In her response, the 15-year-old betrays the maturity and knowledge gained through her dramatic experiences: she’s had to endure cancer treatment and a bone marrow transplant, cope with a serious sepsis infection, and spend a month in a medically-induced coma.

Tune into Global BC on Saturday, June 3 from 9 pm - 11 pm to see Crystal in action!

Read Crystal's full story. 

Grace teBoekhorst, age 12, Kidney Transplant – Sunday morning host

When Grace teBoekherst was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome and required a kidney transplant, her father quickly signed up to give her his own kidney. By the time Grace had her transplant she had less than 20 per cent kidney function remaining and spent four days a week on renal dialysis. Today, she is still currently in treatment for early signs of rejection and visits the hospital frequently for treatment.

You will probably recognize Grace from hosting Miracle Weekend last year. Tune in on Sunday, June 4 from 11 am - 1 pm to see Grace in action!

Read Grace’s full story.

Claire Fox, age 10, Diabetes – Sunday afternoon host

Before the diagnosis, the Foxes weren’t clear on what Claire’s symptoms – weight loss, constant thirst, and a constant need to drink – meant to her health. Within a month, Claire had lost 10 percent of her body weight. That’s an alarming number, considering she weighed just 35 pounds. She was in the midst of diabetes ketoacidosis. If she hadn’t been treated immediately, the condition would have left her in a coma.

Tune into Global BC on Sunday, June 4 from 1 pm - 3 pm to see Claire in action!

Read Claire's full story. 

Aidan Chin, age 17, Oncology – Sunday afternoon host

Over the course of an hour, Aidan Chin went from being a normal 11-year-old to feeling an overwhelming sense of fatigue and sickness.

His parents, thinking it was a cold, took him to BC Children’s Hospital for precautionary reasons. That night, the Chin family was given the worst news of their lives. Aidan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and had to begin cancer treatment right away. 

Tune in on Sunday, June 4 from 3 pm - 5:30 pm to see Aidan in action!

Read Aidan's full story.