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Miracle Weekend across British Columbia

Posted by Bojana Nikolic on 26 May 2015 | 0 Comments

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Miracle Weekend gives us a chance to show how far BC Children’s Hospital goes to help kids in this province. Each year, more than 84,000 children visit the hospital, 66 per cent of whom come from outside the city of Vancouver. In 2014 BC Children’s Hospital received:

  • 1,970 patient visits from Prince George;
  • 1,555 patient visits from Kelowna;
  • 1,534 patient visits from Victoria;
  • 1,437 patient visits from Nanaimo; and
  • 3,385 patient visits from Chilliwack.

During the telethon, you’ll meet families from each of these cities, and more, who share their experiences with the hospital.

Here’s a sneak peek:


Ethan Fleming’s journey began when he was seven years old and developed severe pain in his knee. The boy from Chilliwack was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his left femur just days after getting checked out. Saturday, at 8:30 pm, you will hear all about Ethan’s complicated battle with cancer.

Luke Derksen of Chilliwack was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was just a baby. Now almost eight years old, Luke still visits BC Children’s Hospital every three months for testing. Tune in Saturday, 9:20 pm to hear Luke’s story


Tune in at 11:30 am to meet Audrey Saulters, a vivacious four-year-old from Prince George who fought her way through rhabdomyosarcoma and back to a normal life.

Kelowna teen Miranda Ng was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma in July 2014, the same type of cancer that afflicted national hero Terry Fox. Hear about how she chose life over limb at 12:20 pm

Brendan Paquette-Mckinnon was born with severe quadriplegia spastic cerebral palsy, the most serious and disabling form of spastic cerebral palsy. You’ll hear his story from Prince George at 12:40pm.

Jude Stutters was born with a serious intestinal blockage and a heart murmur. At 2:20 pm you’ll hear about why he was sent by air ambulance for care at BC Children’s Hospital when he was just three days old.

At 4:30 pm you’ll hear the story of one-year-old Logan Vandermeulen, also from Prince George, who was the first baby in British Columbia to get a Berlin heart, a type of artificial heart.

Watch the Miracle Weekend telethon on Global BC to catch all of these amazing stories and much more May 30 and 31.

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