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Miracle Weekend - Carter Klassen

Posted by Joscelyn Verigan on 30 May 2015 | 0 Comments

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Parents of Carter, Joscelyn and Thomas, submitted their story through our website. Throughout Miracle Weekend we'll be sharing the wonderful things that happen every day at BC Children's Hospital and around the province. Submit your story through one of our social media channels, or at

On February 17, our son Carter was born but within a few minutes was having trouble breathing. No one knew what was wrong but it was shortly discovered that he had transposition of the great arteries (TGA) which is when the two main arteries in your heart are reversed. He was airlifted from Abbotsford hospital to BCCH where he received an immediate surgery to open a hole on his heart so he could get oxygen. He needed to get open heart surgery to correct the arteries however he had gone to long without oxygen and he had multiple issues such as holes in his lungs, spots in his brain and possible stomach issues so he was not strong enough to get the surgery right away. On his sixth day of life due to Carter’s strength, many prayers and the wonderful staff at BCCH Carter was allowed to get his surgery that morning that saved his life. The surgery was successful and we were able to take him home one week later. We have follow up checkups that have been good news so far. Carter has a heart arrhythmia which is being treated with medicine however he should outgrow this within a year.

Scariest moment was after our son was born and we had no idea of what was happening Then the days leading up to the surgery watching our baby get weaker each day but then slowly get strong enough for his surgery. Saying goodbye to our son right before his surgery and watching him get rolled away was also very scary. Happiest moment was when Dr. Ghandi came to our waiting room following the surgery and told us it was successful. We got to hold him the next day and we will never forget that moment.

Our fondness memory of the hospital was the first time we could hold our son before his surgery. He was placed on a pillow with the all his wires. When they gave the ok to be able to do this I was not in the room but the nurse waited until I (mom) got back so I could be the first one to hold him. When they put in on my lap he curled into me (as close as he could with wires) and his vitals starting changing to the best they had ever been (for example his heart rate lowered).

Thank you does not seen like enough to say to express how we feel for Carter’s team. You saved our son's life and gave us the most precious thing we have in our lives. We already have built so many loving memories with him and can continue building these memories because of you guys.

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