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Miracle Weekend - Rebecca Sheard

Posted by Theresa Toms on 30 May 2015 | 0 Comments

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Rebecca's mom, Theresa, submitted their story through our website. Throughout Miracle Weekend we'll be sharing the wonderful things that happen every day at BC Children's Hospital and around the province. Submit your story through one of our social media channels, or at

Rebecca was born in Winnipeg Manitoba at 29 weeks gestation. She weighed 3lbs 8oz and was 15 1/2 inches long. At 4 weeks of age, Rebecca ended up having emergency bowel surgery to remove the descending part of her large intestine, after experiencing 2 weeks of starting and stopping her feeds.  She was diagnosed of having an infection of the bowels called "necrotizing enterocolitis". She ended up staying at the Winnipeg Children's hospital for 7 weeks between the time of her birth and when she was finally healthy enough to head home. Since then she has had 15 surgeries over the last 15 years, including 4 different times here in BC.

Since December of 2012, we have travelled from Powell River BC to either Sunny Hill or BC Children's at least 16 combined visits. Still, the scariest times are waiting in the waiting room while Rebecca was in the OR. Last May (2014) was the first time I experienced being able to "escort" Rebecca into the OR room, and then again in July (2014), and this past February (2015).  It was a nice experience to be by her side as she was put under and give her a final kiss before walking back to the waiting room.

Since Rebecca will always have to deal with bowel issues and also hearing issues she will continue to be monitored by Dr. Gregory Blair, Dr. Christine Loock and Dr, Paul Moxham. Rebecca is also seen at the Cleft Pallet/Cranial Facial Clinic where she is being monitored on her growth so she can undergo more surgeries to correct her mouth and jaw issues.

Considering everything Rebecca has undergone since birth, she is a very smart and well informed young lady. She likes to know what is going on and have a informed joint decision with mom on her health care. Rebecca loves drawing, bike riding and really loves MATH!

My hopes and dreams for Rebecca is to finally be finished all these medical surgeries, and to obtain a higher education where she can help others succeed in life.

Last July we had to spend Rebecca's 12th birthday in Vancouver due to Dr. Christine Loock was very concerned on how Rebecca's belly looked... she had us go see 2 different doctors, one who was Dr, Geoffery Blair. Upon our talk with Dr. Blair, we found out that he knew Rebecca's first surgeon Dr. N. Wiseman (Winnipeg Children's Hospital).  Dr. Loock, and staff went out of their way to make sure Rebecca got to celebrate her birthday in our hotel room. Also after Rebecca's exploratory bowel surgery, the child life worker came up to Rebecca's room with a birthday present as well. Also her male nurse Mark made her laugh and kept her on her toes.

We would like to thank ALL the staff for your wonderful care and support, especially  Dr. Christine Loock, Dr. Paul Moxham, and Dr Geoffrey Blair. You all made each stay and experience an enjoyable one.

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