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Miracle Weekend - Ryder Squires

Posted by Jessie Squires on 30 May 2015 | 1 Comments

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Parents of Ryder, Jessie and Rob, submitted their story through our website. Throughout Miracle Weekend we'll be sharing the wonderful things that happen every day at BC Children's Hospital and around the province. Submit your story through one of our social media channels, or at

At our 6 month ultra sound with Ryder we were told that he had an enlarged kidney. They continued to monitor it by ultra sounds. Ryder's kidney stayed enlarge we weren't sure what the future held for when he was born as to if he would need surgery, a transplant or if everything would be ok.

Ryder was born premature at 35 weeks ago. Within the first 2 years he began the fight for his life. He went into respiratory distress and his oxygen needs rose to 60% and was started on CPAP. Ryder continued to deteriorate with significant oxygen levels and was than intubated. They weren't sure if he had a cyanotic congenital heart lesion. We were told that Ryder had to be airlifted off to BC Children's Hospital. At 16 hours of age the infant transport team and Dr. Aguinaga arrived to Nelson. Ryder was started on Nitric Oxide which is not available in our area. Ryder was intubated for 3 days and underwent multiple Echo's, Ultra sounds, MRI's, blood work and X-rays that lead his team to diagnosis him with Pulmonary hypertension. The Echo showed Ryder's heart structurally normal with Pulmonary hypertension. The ultra sound showed Ryder's kidney was still enlarged which need a follow up at BC Children's at 6 months old along with a follow up MRI. When Ryder went back for his follow up the ultra sound showed that the kidney had corrected itself. Ryder continues to beat the odds that weren't certain to as if he would walk, talk, or loss his hearing. He is our little miracle. Ryder had just celebrated his 3 birthday thank you to everyone at BC Children's Hospital. He is a happy little boy full of life. He loves to be goofy and make everyone laugh he knows how precious life his. Cause if it weren't for BC Children's Hospital Ryder would not be here with us today. We thank you every day we look into Ryder's eyes and see that sparkle he has.

Ryder and his older brother Jaxson, who is 5 years old, have started their own fundraiser by selling their toys to try and help raise more funds for BC Children's hospital called "The Squires Brothers".  The community support in our area has been extremely incredible right now the boys have raise just over $3,000 and will continue to try and raise funds until their appointments this summer at BC Children's.

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  • So wonderful to read that he's now a healthy, and happy little boy! Bless you Ryder!

    Posted by Lynda varoney, 07/06/2015 9:07pm (3 years ago)

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