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New Hospital Update: Floor 3

Posted by BCCHF Communications on 3 July 2015 | 0 Comments

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Floor 3: Includes the Renal Dialysis Unit

The Renal Dialysis Unit (RDU) at BC Children’s Hospital delivers care for children and youth with acute and chronic kidney problems and delivers therapies such as hemodialysis (cleansing of the blood and fluid removal in non-functioning kidneys) and plasmapheresis (the separation and treatment of the plasma, or the liquid part of the blood, from blood cells). The unit provides both inpatient and outpatient services.

RDU caregivers treat patients as young as infants, and as old as 20 years old. Patients who require dialysis spend many hours in the unit and visit three or more times a week for treatments that take approximately two to four hours, depending on their needs.

The new Alex Skidmore Renal Dialysis Unit will be directly above the Hudson Family Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in the Teck Acute Care Centre, giving RDU caregivers easier access when they’re needed to provide acute dialysis to patients in the PICU.

The Alex Skidmore RDU will be a standalone space, no longer shared with the Medical Day Unit, enhancing privacy and adding to the quietness of the space. The unit will be a bright space with many windows, allowing for more natural light. Patients and families’ suggestions for more privacy, wireless access and televisions, will be incorporated into the new space.

The Alex Skidmore Renal Dialysis Unit will include:

·         3 times the space of the current unit;

·         A dedicated patient exam room;

·         6 renal dialysis stations;

·         A family kitchenette;

·         Enhanced privacy.

Learn more about other floors of the new hospital and read about some of the special features they will have for our patients and their families:





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