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Our 2014 Miracle Weekend Kid hosts

Posted by Brittany Beaupre on 27 May 2014 | 0 Comments

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We’re so lucky to have the support of courageous and talented young adults like Luca, Brooke, Faris, Jemma and Jasmine. These future TV stars are joining us as “Kid Hosts” on Miracle Weekend, May 31 and June 1.

For the entirety of the telethon broadcast, each of these youths, alongside their Global BC co-host, will introduce patient vignettes, share information about the hospital, show you how your donations are used to fund the equipment and research that save kids' lives and even share their own stories. Here’s a quick look into each one’s story:

Luca Piccolo, Saturday night host

Luca was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF), a chronic and life-limiting illness, at just two years old. Since that time, Luca has managed his cystic fibrosis well through strict daily regimen of medication and therapy.

Twice a day Luca must use a PEP mask and physiotherapy, in addition taking up to 45 pills a day to combat infection and aid digestion. Learn about a day in Luca's life with cystic fibrosis by watching Luca's Story.

What does BC Children's Hospital mean to you? A place I go to get care for my Cystic Fibrosis

Favorite caregiver? Dr. Chilvers

Advice for other kids coming to Children's Hospital? Don't be afraid everyone here is going to help you feel better.

Favorite superhero? Captain America

Favorite band? Imagine Dragons

What do you want to be when you grow up? A sports broadcaster

What is your message to viewers? Please donate, any amount counts and your money can help a sick kid’s life.

Brooke Malakoff, Saturday night host

19-year-old Brooke Malakoff was diagnosed with an incredibly rare tumour, known as a congenital infantile fibrosarcoma, when it burst on Christmas Day in 2011; it was three-quarters the size of her left lung.

Brooke’s family has a long time fundraising connection to Miracle Weekend, and we’re so excited to have her host this year. Read   Brooke’s story to learn about a new chemotherapy treatment that is helping to shrink her tumours for the first time in two years.

Jasmine Ram, Sunday morning host

13-year-old Jasmine has grown up around Miracle Weekend. As the daughter of longtime BC Children’s Hospital supporter and founder of A World of Smiles telethon, Atish Ram, Jasmine has been a kid host since 2010.

After 15 amazing years of the A World of Smiles telethon, it has come to an end, and we are excited to welcome Jasmine and her positive energy and experience to this year’s Miracle Weekend host team!

Favorite caregiver? I don’t remember anyone in particular from the hospital because I was just a baby when I was treated but my favourite caregivers would have to be my mom and dad.

Advice for other kids first coming to BC Children’s? My advice to the new patients of BC Children’s hospital is not to worry because you are in good hands. These people will take good care of you.

What does BC Children’s hospital mean to you: BCCH is a very big part in my life. My condition was minor but there is a chance that I wouldn’t be here today if my parents hadn’t gotten help from the hospital. Even before I was born, my family has been doing a telethon and I have learned a lot. It has really touched my heart because the hospital  has saved many lives. I and many families are grateful for that. So the hospital means a lot to me.

Message to the viewers: If your child is ill and needs help, come to the hospital because these people work very hard and are very good at it. The doctors are kind, the caregivers are kind, EVERYONE at the hospital are kind and caring. I just want to let you all know that you shouldn’t hesitate, because you are being put in EXTREMELY loving and caring hands.

Faris Freeze, Sunday host

Nine-year-old Faris Abdulwahab, also known as Faris Feeze, was born with a genetic bone disorder called osteogenesis imperfect. Faris is a resilient boy who’s used to overcoming challenges. He encourages other children with physical challenges to pursue their dreams and not give up.

Learn more about how Faris defies the odds with new treatment and an incredible positive attitude.

Jemma Wright, Sunday host

In January 2013 Jemma, then 14 years old, was diagnosed with scoliosis. The teen also started having pain while at one of her many dance classes and MRI results show bulging discs at both the top and bottom of Jemma’s spine.

While her scoliosis has not progressed in the last year, doctors are not certain what kind of treatment she will need in the future.

Despite this, Jemma is an active and sparkling young girl.


Jemma was very familiar with BC Children’s long before own health brought her here, as her 13-year old brother, Casey, was diagnosed with brain cancer at six months old and suffered a severe stroke in February 2013. Casey is a celebrity in his own right, and helped host Miracle Weekend last year. Watch for Casey, trying to steal the lime light from his older sibling during Jemma host shift, as a phone volunteer!


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