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Leading the province in preventing hip problems in kids

Posted by Danielle Clark on 4 July 2014 | 0 Comments


Children with cerebral palsy (CP), like Kai Gotro, commonly experience hip problems and a lot of pain. With help from Dr. Kishmore Mulpuri, orthopedic surgeon at BC Children’s Hospital, a province-wide hip surveillance program is being created to help kids benefit from early detection and care – avoiding unnecessary pain and long-term problems.

Nine-year-old Kai Gotro was diagnosed with CP shortly after birth and faces a number of challenges. He does not speak, requires a wheelchair and has a feeding tube and a pump that delivers medication directly into his spinal fluid to help control his spasticity. CP also affects Kai’s bone structure – he had two surgeries in 2012 to repair his dislocated hips, relieve his pain and alleviate some of his muscle spasms.

Child Health BC will facilitate the rollout of the province-wide program, creating the first formal North American hip surveillance program. The new program will reduce and prevent the incidence of hip location in children like Kai. A similar program is used in Sweden and the incidence of hip dislocation in children with CP has virtually been eliminated. The goal is to improve the quality of life for children and reduce the need for complex surgeries.

To learn more about the North American hip surveillance program and Kai Gotro, please read our Spring Speaking of Children magazine issue:

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