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Quinn's Journey

Posted by Keegan Greer on 7 August 2014 | 0 Comments


Meet Quinn, our fourth miracle kid we're highlighting from our Miracle Weekend broadcast, when we asked the online community to share their BC Children’s Hospital experiences. Quinn’s story, told by his mom Keegan, truly shows the strength that can reside in our kids.

Tell us about Quinn and his journey.

Quinn was born in July 2012 and was a healthy baby for one week. Somehow, Quinn got some bacteria from his skin into his blood stream that  resided in his femur, spreading an infection throughout his right leg going undetected for that first week.

When he was two weeks old, we noticed that his knee swelled up overnight and we took him immediately to the nearest hospital in Victoria. The doctors there took care of our little guy for a week, but he needed some major surgery to clean out the bone infection. We were then sent to Children’s Hospital for immediate surgery and a long, two month ordeal for Quinn which included intravenous antibiotics. The doctors and nurses at Children’s Hospital were fantastic and very caring. It was a tough summer for us, but Quinn healed and grew strong, and a year later he was learning how to walk!

Unfortunately, due to the damage caused by the infection, his leg doesn’t grow normally, and Quinn has already had to go back for a surgery to straighten his leg by implanting artificial bone into his femur.

Given the ordeal that Quinn has gone through, he is an extremely bright, stubborn, precious little guy. He is super independent and wants to do everything by himself. Being stuck in a stroller for six weeks after his second surgery was very difficult for him, but he remained cheerful for the majority of it. He loves to be outside and to play in water. He also loves reading with Mommy, Daddy, and his big brother, and is also fascinated with Curious George.

Why do you believe it is important for people to support BC Children’s Hospital?

Quinn spent time at two other hospitals during the course of his initial treatment; while his care was still good, it didn’t come close to the care he received and the support our family received while at Children’s. Children’s Hospital saves lives, it changes lives, and it has an impact on the entire province. It is the best place a sick child could be in BC and possibly in all of Canada. Quinn’s journey is not over yet, but we know that the amazing people at Children’s will always be there to give Quinn the care he needs as he faces the physical difficulties in his future.

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