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Ryder’s Story

Posted by Jesse Squires and Jessica Thompson on 22 August 2014 | 3 Comments


Continuing our story series from the Miracle Weekend telethon broadcast, where we asked the online audience to submit their stories in which they have been involved with Children’s Hospital, we introduce Ryder Squires, a young boy full of determination.

Ryder is never without a smile. He is someone who is so full of life it’s hard to believe that he was once fighting for his life.

Born premature at 35 weeks, Ryder went into respiratory distress in his first 24 hours of life. The medical team at the local Castlegar hospital did everything they could to help him, but understood they needed the support and expertise of BC Children’s Hospital. Airlifted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at BC Children’s and Women’s as soon as he was stable enough to move, Ryder was intubated for three days. He underwent multiple MRIs, ultra sounds, X-Rays, and blood work, which lead Ryder’s medical team to diagnose him with pulmonary hypertension and place him on a ventilator, treating him with nitric oxide, which works by relaxing and dilating blood vessels, especially in the lungs.

Ryder stay in the NICU for 10 days. “It was hard not being able to hold Ryder for the first five days with all the tubes and lines,” recollects Jesse Squires on the biggest challenge during that 10 day hospitalization. But the treatment started to work and happiness came when finally, the Squire family was able to take Ryder home.

Though follow-up appointments at the respiratory and neurology clinic continue today, the Jesse and Ryder’s dad, Rob, are grateful every time Ryder smiles. “Thank you [Children’s and Women’s Hospital], you truly do work miracles.”

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  • It was very difficult visiting Ryder in the hospital when he was struggling but the Doctors, Nurses and Staff were so committed to his health and the comfort of the family we were confident it would turn around. We are truly grateful that we can now experience Ryder's joy of life, infectious smile and wicked laugh.

    Posted by Gene Anderson (Ryder's Poppa), 23/08/2014 10:53pm (4 years ago)

  • We love hearing all of Ryder's new accomplishments - from crawling to walking to talking to beating on his big brother. Thanks for saving this amazing soul that continues to bring love and laughter to his family.

    Posted by Keri, Keir, Chase & Aidan, 23/08/2014 11:42am (4 years ago)

  • Love you buddy. And I am so proud to be your auntie. You a such a little fighter Batman and you continue to bring happiness to our lives everyday. Love you to the moon and back!!

    Posted by Sharlene, 23/08/2014 9:10am (4 years ago)

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