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SFU Dance Marathon

Posted by Terra Scheer on 14 February 2014 | 0 Comments

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We were so excited that BC's very own Simon Fraser University (SFU) is the first university in Canada to take part in Dance Marathon - a movement that is huge in the US, with colleges and universities raising over $62 million since the inaugural event in 1991.

I sat down with Gurleen Gill, Dance Marathon event co-chair and senior member of the Phi Delta Epsilon Canada Beta chapter, and had her explain in her own words, and with her great enthusiasm, what the SFU Dance Marathon is all about.

What is Dance Marathon?
Dance Marathon is a student-led event where participants stay on their feet for the duration - but you don’t have to be actively dancing! The six-hour event will run from 11am-5pm on Saturday March 1.

Does it cost anything to attend?
Registration is $10 but registration fee counts towards activities and t-shirts. We are hoping all our participants will take up the cause and fundraise. The easiest way to register is online. Credit Cards only, but if you want to pay cash you can pay at the door day of. All the fundraising can be done online as well! So using your social media channels is a great way to promote your participation and get your friends and family to support you.

Tell me about your Chapter:
Phi Delta Epsilon is a co-ed international medical fraternity. Our chapter is made up of pre-med students and every year we commit to raise money for BC Children's Hospital through Children's Miracle Network. Our goal each year is $1,000 but with this event we hope to raise $10,000. This is a big increase, but we know that Universities in the States raise as much as $2 million dollars! This is our first year with the event, so we felt $10,000 would be achievable.

How many participants do you hope to host?
We project 200 participants and right now have 96 signed up. If everyone raised $100 then we could that would be their goal. We do ask everyone to set a goal. $10 registration fee counts towards activities and t-shirts.

Who can attend?
Although we've focusing on the SFU community anyone is welcome! We're approaching SFU Burnaby Mountain residence and their families, but would love to see other university alumni and past alumni. There is no age restriction; in fact we have kid-friendly activities!

Are you practicing your dance skills?
The organizing team is definitely working on our Morale Dance moves and will help teach and lead everyone for the final dance! The Morale Dance is a fun morale-building dance that we will teach everyone throughout the event and we will all perform at the end of the event as a great celebration!

You are really active on social media.  Tell us more about #FTK
#FTK means it’s all for the kids! We're using it to spark interest around the campus. Even if we don’t make our fundraising goal, the promotion of the event will still help BC Children’s Hospital to be the best place #FTK!

The Dance Marathon movement has a long history in the USA.  How does it feel to be the first University in Canada to join this movement?
Super exciting. We didn’t realize the impact we were having when we started by being the first in Canada. It’s a good cause and we are excited to start to see a similar success here in Canada. We want to make this a long term initiative and show other universities what can be accomplished.

How can or our donors and supporters help?
You can register! If you want, you can put together a team of friends or family - the more participants the more fun and the more memorable it will be! The success lies in people coming out and fundraising. It’s only 6 hours, so not a huge commitment.

Can’t make it? Donate online to a friend’s page, or just to the event!

For more information:

Twitter: @DM_SFU

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