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The comeback kid

Posted by Jessica Thompson on 4 January 2015 | 1 Comments

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January marks a new year, filled with refreshed hope, new goals and new beginnings. Those themes are well-represented by patients here at BC Children’s like Casey Wright.

Fourteen-year-old Casey is affectionately referred to as the comeback kid, for his ability to look at anything negative with a positive outlook. He has a personality so big and bright it masks any hardship he has been through – and he has had his fair share.

Casey was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was just six months old; he endured surgery and chemotherapy as an infant and again when he was three years old. At the time, Casey’s tumour was deemed inoperable, but that all changed in January of 2013. The tumour was pressing against Casey’s optic nerve, posing a risk of blindness. During brain surgery in February of that same year, doctors at BC Children’s were finally able to remove the tumour.

Casey seemed to be in the clear, but just a few weeks following the surgery, he suffered a stroke that paralyzed his entire right side. He then began the gruelling task of rehabilitation at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, where he stayed for two-and-a-half months. At Sunny Hill, Casey re-learned to speak, walk and swallow.

Even though Casey has been through a lot, he doesn’t let it deter him from living his life or giving back to the hospital. Today, he is happy, cancer-free and ready for anything thrown his way.

Casey declares he’ll fill the void left by the tumour with “more personality, because the world can never have enough Casey.”

Watch a recent breakfast TV feature on Casey, Athete of the Week:

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  • No words for how amazing and inspiring both Casey AND his family are. So happy to see his come back. Always sending vibes to them all. Go Casey!!

    Posted by Lori Lucas, 05/01/2015 4:59pm (3 years ago)

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