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The New BC Children’s Hospital Series – Level 1: Emergency

Posted by Danielle Clark on 16 June 2014 | 0 Comments

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Fundraising for the new hospital building is complete and construction of the new Teck Acute Care Centre at BC Children’s Hospital is officially underway! We are so excited about all the changes coming to BC Children’s and wanted to give you a sneak peek.

In this three-part blog series, we will introduce you to three of the seven levels of the new hospital. Read on to find out a little bit about the exciting changes you can expect to see. Let’s start things off with the new Emergency Department (ED) located on Level 1. 

In 2013, the 24-hour ED at BC Children’s Hospital had more than 43,000 visits from patients – with that many visits and limited examination rooms, many of these kids and families had to wait to see a doctor. One of the best features of the new ED is that it is designed to reduce and ideally eliminate these extended wait times. By providing immediate assessment and care through nurse practitioners trained to diagnose patients and prescribe medications, children requiring less urgent care – for an ear infection, for example – will get the care they need and return home faster.

Another exciting feature of Emergency in the new hospital is the Clinical Decision Unit (CDU). The CDU will allow patients to stay up to 24 hours for observation or to wait for test results without having to be admitted to the hospital. This will help families avoid unnecessary hospital stays and prevent disruptions in school, work and family life. BC Children’s Hospital will be one of the first hospitals in Canada to incorporate this new “no wait” model.

Check back with us soon to find out more about the innovative changes coming to BC Children’s. Stay tuned for part two of the series featuring Level 4 – the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit! 

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