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Jack Gin and Bob Shivji 2

Vancouver Golf Club members fund a special ENT camera for BC Children’s Hospital

Posted by on 16 June 2016 | 0 Comments

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BC Children’s Hospital is fortunate to benefit from the generosity and kindness of many people from across the province.

Jack Gin is one of them.

When Jack, a Vancouver Golf Club member, learned that the hospital needed a new camera for treating children with ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions, he called on a few reliable friends at the Vancouver Golf Club to help fund the device.

His initiative paid off: he was able to raise enough funds for the purchase of a rhinolaryngo videoscope for the ENT team at the hospital. The scope combines a tiny imager with fibre-optic lighting housed in a maneuverable 2.6mm-diameter tube, which is tinier than a baby’s pinky. Despite its small size, its capability is astounding.

Access to high-resolution images, such as those produced by the videoscope, is critical for the correct diagnosis of children, particularly infants who are expected to undergo surgery. Dr. Fred Kozak, head of the ENT department of BC Children’s, speaks to the importance of the equipment: “We use [it] to examine children and to diagnose illnesses affecting the airway. It’s particularly helpful for treating pediatric patients as it enables us to view areas that are otherwise inaccessible without performing more invasive procedures. The scope is equipped with a built-in high-definition camera that transmits an image to a monitor, and the picture lets us and the family see the problem and to find an appropriate treatment. Later, we’re able to use the video recordings for training and education purposes.”

Jack is proud to have played a role to help improve care for BC’s youngest. “Our club members are great people and generous contributors in our community,” he says. “Bob Shijvi, Bob Muster, Rick Bohonis, Luc Bergeron and others all wrote handsome cheques. They deserve the credit for answering my call.”