Urgent Needs

Tens of thousands of children and teenagers each year come to BC Children's Hospital for specialized care that is unavailable anywhere else in BC and the Yukon. Our caregivers are able to meet the urgent needs of these children with help from the Excellence in Child Health Fund, which supports the areas of greatest need across the hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

Kids are not just little adults.

The range in size and age of our patients means that we require many different sizes and shapes of medical equipment. Consider the difference between a newborn and a teenager - everything from breathing tubes to monitors to beds must be sized to meet each patient's individual needs.

Your support ensures the urgent needs of children at BC Children's Hospital are met. These needs include research into childhood diseases to find better treatments and cures, vital equipment purchases and/or upgrades, and medical innovation, education and leadership.

Make a donation to BC Children’s Hospital today in support of urgent needs.