Twelfth Annual A Night of Miracles, co-presented by FASKEN and Rogers

Our Cause


We are continuing our journey to raise $3.1 million to transform diabetes care, provide a lifeline for families across our province, and give kids a future where they can thrive.


For kids with type 1 diabetes, their illness can feel like a life sentence.

Without proper support, these children can face grave health issues as they grow, like heart disease or kidney damage.

And their families who are doing their best to give their child everything they need may suffer from deep exhaustion, isolation and burnout—with nowhere to turn for help.

But what if their village was empowered to help—extended family, caregivers, teachers, coaches, local health care teams and others?

This village could turn the lives of a family around, and ease a lifetime of potential burdens. It could completely change the lives of these kids.

Their coaches and teachers would know what to do, so a child with diabetes could participate in sports or go on a class trip without worrying about possible life-altering consequences. Extended family could provide much-needed relief. And a local nurse, family physician or pediatrician in their own community could support their day-to-day diabetes management.

But to achieve this, they need virtual education—interactive training resources—delivered to where they are, easy to understand, and tailored for the unique situation of each child and family.

This knowledge is the key to giving each child every chance to thrive, and reducing the risk of serious health issues along the way. And it is within reach. Experts at BC Children’s have the knowledge and expertise—but at a time when diabetes is growing in epidemic proportions, they need a way to deliver it to communities scattered across the one million square kilometres of our province. And with your help, they will.


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“Diabetes is a complex and lifelong condition—and it’s a rapidly growing problem. The future health of kids with diabetes depends on the support their families receive right now. And with your help, they can receive that much needed support.”

—Dr. Shazhan Amed

Dr. Shazhan Amed

Help transform care for kids with type 1 diabetes