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About Chinese Canadian Miracle Weekend


The Chinese community has generously supported BC Children’s Hospital Foundation for over three decades. Through the annual Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend as a key fundraising platform, this community has raised over $20 million over the last 31 years. They have supported critical equipment purchases and innovative research, enabling the hospital to provide the best care possible for kids and families in the province of British Columbia.

Our 2020 campaign marks the community’s 32nd year of support. It kicks off with a public media launch in the beginning of May, followed by a variety of events in the Chinese community. These fundraising initiatives culminates at the beginning of June with a telethon on Fairchild Television, and two radiothons on Fairchild Radio AM1470 and CHMB AM1320, featuring patient stories, lives interviews, sponsor profiles, and community fundraising highlights.





愛心大行動在2020年將邁入第三十二個年頭,活動將於五月初的新聞發布會上拉開序幕,隨後會在華裔社區進行一系列的社區籌款活動。所有的善款將匯總在六月初的愛心大行動電視電台籌款。屆時新時代電視台會進行電視籌款,與此同時加拿大中文電台與CHMB AM1320華僑之聲也會通過電台籌款將今年的活動推至最高潮。愛心大行動電視電台籌款節目將與觀眾分享兒童醫院病童的心路歷程、現場訪談、社區籌款的精彩回顧以及贊助商簡介。

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