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Independent Community Events (ICE)


Independent community events (ICEs) are planned and organized by motivated and enthusiastic third-party individuals or groups from communities.

These events can take place any time throughout the year and they can be anything that is a good fit for the organizers and participants – from birthday party fundraisers to piano concerts and much more.

All it takes is a little creativity, some careful planning, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of BC kids.

For more information, check out our CCMW Independent Community Event toolkit.

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If you have any further questions, please contact Sunny Leung from BC Children’s Hospital Foundation at 604-875-2505 or for more details.




獨立社區籌款活動,是一項非官方, 由社區組織發起為卑詩省兒童醫院基金會籌款的活動。

這類活動會在全年任何時間舉辦。籌款方法較有彈性, 可配合主辦單位選擇的模式舉行, 主辦單位只需要發揮一點創意加上小心籌劃, 皆可進行。



準備好開始計畫活動了嗎? 請填寫活動申請單,立即開始。

如您有興趣舉辦獨立社區籌款活動或有任何疑問,歡迎電郵至 或致電604-875-2505 與卑詩省兒童醫院基金會梁先生聯絡。

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