Chinese Canadian Miracle Weekend

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Miracle Makers


Miracle Makers play a key role in the fundraising success of our annual Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend. They are fundraising champions who advocate for child health and solicit their friends, families and colleagues for support.

As a Miracle Maker, you will be provided with a personalized fundraising webpage to help you reach your fundraising goal.

With this online system you can:

  • Customize your personalized webpage with stories and photos;
  • Email your friends and family to support your campaign;
  • Involve your colleagues and professional associations;
  • Set and monitor your fundraising goal.

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每年都有許多個別籌款者透過線上籌款平台向他們的朋友,家人和同事募捐, 推動卑詩省兒童醫院的醫療護理服務發展。他們的積極參與,是每年愛心大行動籌款活動中很關鍵的一環。



  • 以個人經歷分享和照片設計個人化的網頁
  • 發送電郵給您的朋友和家人支持您的籌款活動
  • 邀請您的同事或機構參與支持
  • 設定並管理您的籌款目標

請點擊此處 , 設立個人線上籌款網頁,成為籌款領軍者


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