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As the only children’s hospital in the province, one million kids – including some of the sickest and most seriously injured—count on BC Children’s Hospital for specialized care they can’t receive anywhere else. Your support will allow health care providers at the hospital to do what they’ve always done: ensure our kids get the best possible care.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has made the difficult jobs of physicians, nurses, support staff and others even harder, as they work to overcome bigger obstacles. The need to help health care providers respond to these rapidly evolving needs, while they continue to deliver the best possible care to kids is even greater during this challenging time.

By supporting the 2020 Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend, you will help raise critical funds in support of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to equip our health care providers to confront challenges ahead, and rapidly respond to crucial needs as they arise. All while continuing to deliver the best possible care to kids and families, many of whom are at greater risk, and have bigger needs than ever before.





但隨著新冠疫情持續蔓延, 所有醫護人員, 包括醫生、護士、行政及服務人員都面對著前所未有的壓力和挑戰。他們在面對時刻變化的疫情狀況的同時, 更在努力確保所有在院病童能夠得到最合適的照顧。

透過您對2020年愛心大行動的慷慨解囊, 將為卑詩省兒童醫院提供最大的支持。籌得的資金將協助前線醫護人員配備合適的醫療物資和所需儀器以應對當下瞬息萬變的醫療狀況。

Below are some of the ways your support will help meet the hospital’s needs during this time of crisis:

Kids: A hospital stay is difficult for a child—but now, it’s even more so. During a time when children aren’t able to see many loved ones, and are feeling more isolated than ever, playrooms have closed and child therapy experts are facing a shortage of bedside activities to comfort and engage them.

Patient families: Families at our hospital are already going through the most challenging moments of their lives, but now, the pandemic has brought unthinkable stressors—from financial stress related to their jobs and homes, to simply getting a proper meal.

Health care providers: Our health heroes, working to provide the best care possible for our kids, face enormous obstacles. They are dealing with a shortage of equipment and supplies to protect their health, and that of their patients. Their mental well-being is also impacted, as they work harder than ever to deliver care under these circumstances.

As champions of children’s health, your support will be the reason we can take on many of the greatest challenges that face us in the coming weeks. During this time when your generosity matters more than ever, we thank you for everything you do.






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