Chinese Canadian Miracle Weekend

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The Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend presents an ideal sponsorship opportunity for companies and organizations that would like to increase their brand awareness and and reach out to the growing Chinese-Canadian communities in BC.

The BC Children’s Hospital Foundation team will work with sponsors to create unique experiences, highlighting sponsor brands and community leadership. We look forward to meaningfully connecting your brand with our audience.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Sunny Leung, Director, Chinese Community at or 604.875.2505.




成為愛心大行動的贊助商, 將為企業品牌提高知名度,有效增加品牌與卑詩省日漸增長的華裔社區的互動。

卑詩省兒童醫醫院基金會團隊將與贊助商合作,量身設計一套宣傳策略, 以突顯每位贊助商的品牌和社區的領導優勢。我們期待成為您的品牌跟本地顧客的最佳橋樑。

如想了解更多關於活動贊助的信息,歡迎電郵至 或致電604-875-2505, 與卑詩省兒童醫院基金會的梁先生聯絡。

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