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May 29 & 30, 2020


Young Ambassadors Program


The Young Ambassador Program is a BC Children’s Hospital Foundation initiative whose mission is to inspire youth to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives while also supporting BC Children’s Hospital through fundraising and awareness building. Comprising of members between the ages of 3 and 21, the program has achieved tremendous success since it was founded in 2010.

Through various fundraising and leadership development opportunities, members have learned important life lessons while participating in community initiatives that help to sharpen their communications, team-building and project management skills. Many of our members have also been accepted to prominent universities across Canada and in North America.

This year, in celebration of the 10th anniversary, we are excited to launch a new program for our Young Ambassadors members. This unique Youth leadership program covers concepts such as fundraising and event planning. In partnership with Fairchild television, together with experienced volunteers and BC Children’s Hospital foundation staffs, our goal is to empower young leaders to challenge themselves. We are excited to provide opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills through role play and actual event execution.

For more information, please visit YAP website or contact Jessica Lai at or 604.875.2345 x 6481.

In order to encourage our young leaders to participate in community events, we host a special award ceremony to recognize their efforts in volunteering. Below is the list of award recipients for the 2018-19 Young Ambassadors Program and Little Angel Program.

Young Ambassador Program Application Form for 2020-2021




青少年愛心大使團隊自2010年成立以來, 一直致力為卑詩省兒童醫院基金會籌款並取得成功, 團隊成員的年齡介乎3至21歲, 他們的宗旨是透過籌款及活動宣傳支持卑詩省兒童醫院, 同時啟發更多青少年過充實而有意義的生活。

透過各種社區籌款活動和領袖訓練的機會, 青少年愛心大使團隊內的每位青少年都獲得寶貴的人生經驗, 鍛鍊他們的溝通技巧, 團隊合作以及項目管理技巧. 少年愛心大使團隊當中的不少成員, 都被加拿大及北美的著名大學錄取。

今年正值是青少年大使愛心團隊成立10週年, 卑詩省兒童醫院基金會特別為這群年青人增設了一個全新的青少年領袖訓練計劃, 以生動的方式向年輕領袖們講授慈善籌款和活動統籌等方面的技巧. 活動的目的是建立一個平台, 透過角色扮演和協助活動統籌的過程, 培訓出他們的領導才能, 讓這群未來領袖更勇於挑戰自己。

如想了解更多關於青少年大使愛心團隊, 歡迎瀏覽他們的網站yapbc.ca或與賴小姐聯繫 或 604.875.2345 x 6481。

為鼓勵青少年愛心大使團隊繼續積極參與社區服務, 我們特別設立一個頒獎典禮, 以嘉許他們在過去一年的努力, 以下是2018-19青少年愛心大使團隊及小天使愛心團隊的得獎名單。


Arthur Chan
Crystal Lin
Natalie Chan
Tiffany Tu

Amy Guan
Andy He
Angelina Yeung
Angelina Zhang
David Guo
Isabelle Tang
Jacqueline Wong
Jady Chan
Joyce Tang
Julie Chen
Matthew Mui
May Fan
Patrick Wang
Serena Chen
Sophia Zhang

Alex Li
Alice Li
Annie Hao
Chris Lu
Clarence Yang
Ginger Lam
Jacob Moon
Mack Zhou
Max Hai Yang Zhao
Nicholas Chan
Nikki Wong

Aaron Zhang
Alex Sung
Alfred Sung
Andrew Sung
Anson Cheung
Bernice Wong
Chloe Wu
Connie Xie
Daisy Hao
Doris Lu
Ellery Wu
Ivana Li
Jason Kang
Jasper Wong
Jazzy Wan
Johnathan Chik
Kevin Gu
Lin Xiang Leo Wang
Lin Xin Lisa Wang
Richard Wu
Samantha Wong
Tiffany Ng
Vanessa Yu
Yvonne Xie

Ean Dong
Eason Dong
Jacky Tang
Jason Chen
Joycelyn Mui
Kingsley Lin
Leanna Wong
Nathan Guan
Preston Lin
Rainier Lin
Sylvia Xie
Wesley Yim

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