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About Mid Autumn Festival for Children

Mid Autumn Festival, a widely celebrated festival within the Chinese community, is a time when families come together to express gratitude for the harvest and the wellbeing of family members.

An incredible $85,265 has been raised to support a $5 million initiative to give BC Children’s Hospital’s world-leading orthopedics team the ability to build a comprehensive clinical research program, and equip them with the critical, specialized equipment they need to continue operating on the front lines of innovation. Because of you, we are able to light a brighter future for BC’s kids.

This Mid Autumn, we want to express gratitude to our generous community and event partners for supporting the Mid Autumn Festival For Children campaign. A special thank you to our sponsors, Drive Motorsports Ltd., King’s Auto Lease and Kings Auto Spa for their incredibly generous support and leadership.





我們也要向來自社區的活動贊助商以及夥伴們獻上最深的謝意,您的鼎力支持成就了《月滿童心慶中秋》的成績,另外,更要特別感謝 Drive Motorsports Ltd., King’s Auto Lease and Kings Auto Spa的慷慨支持。


Chinese Community and BC Children’s Hospital

For more than 30 years, the Chinese community has established an extraordinary legacy of generosity raising over $40 million in support of advancing health care for kids across the province

With great leadership from this community, we have witnessed the Chinese community’s tireless commitment to safeguard kids health by helping us make great strides in conquering childhood diseases.

From the annual Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend, the award-winning For Children We Care Gala, Shine Mother’s Day Tea, and many more community fundraisers, this community’s unwavering support continues to fuel advancements in child health.

Thank you for helping illuminate a brighter future for BC’s kids.







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