Fundraising FAQs

Once you’ve registered, login to your fundraising page by clicking the link in your confirmation email. There are lots of tips and tools living in the fundraising platform. The best trick? Get started by letting people know you’re taking a step in support of childhood cancer and mental health initiatives! We support thousands of participants each year in their efforts to make a difference for BC Children’s Hospital and we have full confidence that if you take advantage of the resources available, you will have no trouble reaching your goal. Plus, you can earn additional rewards with your fundraising:

Earn fundraising rewards!

  • $150 Raised
    $25 Gift Card from a participating partner
    Draw entry to win a sports fan package
  • $250 Raised
    $50 Gift Card from a participating partner
  • $500 Raised
    Hero Cape
  • $1,000 Raised
    Donations matched**
    Hero Cape

VIRTUAL RUNNERS: Reward levels met by May 25 will be mailed out in race packages. Rewards met after May 25 will arrive after June 12.
ONSITE RUNNERS: Capes will be available for pick up on race day.
GIFT CARDS: Will be sent out after June 12 and participants will receive one gift card for the highest amount raised.

**Matching gifts will be matched until June 12

It’s the place to be for friends and family who want to donate to you online, or print out a donation form and it’s automatically created for you when you register. It’s just up to you to personalize it by adding images and messages to show everyone why you’re participating, and why they should support you. Contact us at if you need support to access your personal fundraising page.

If you send emails out from your Fundraising Hub, a link to your Personal Page will automatically be at the bottom of the email. If friends or family visit the Race for the Kids homepage, they’ll click the “Give now” button. When they type in your name, or your team name, they’ll be directed to your personal page.

If you can’t remember your details after registration, you can always request a new password from the Fundraising Login Page, or email us at and we can reset your password for you.

This year we will be holding our Vancouver event at Queen Elizabeth Park and will also be hosting a small community run in Victoria. More details to come about our onsite event.

Participants can choose from either our 2k or 5k run at the Vancouver and Victoria locations during the registration process.

For participants who wish to participate virtually, we are excited to share we will be offering a virtual option for 2022! Click on the “Event Info” tab above to learn more.

The Team Captain controls everything on your team page. They can log in to the Fundraising Hub and click the “Team” button on the left side to update the team goal. From the “Team Page” button they can update and personalize the team page with a photo and your team’s story.

Online donations: All donations of $20 or more with a valid address and email will receive a charitable receipt within minutes of their donation.

Cash or cheque pledges with email addresses: All donations $20 or more with a valid address and email will be receipted via email after the event.

Cash or cheque pledges without email: Cash or cheque donations of $20 or more will be receipted with a valid legible donor name and mailing address by post after the event.

You can download a printable PDF donation form in order to collect offline donations. Please note that offline donations may take up to two weeks from the time that we receive your donations.

As of 2019, a new fundraising feature within Facebook is available. Facebook may prompt you to create a Facebook Fundraiser when you create or share a post about BC Children’s Hospital Foundation or RBC Race for the Kids. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to track donations that come through Facebook fundraising pages, so it is important to NOT USE one for your Race for the Kids fundraising. When donations come through Facebook, we do not have the ability to see donor information or to who the donation should be attributed to, so these funds cannot be added to your Race for the Kids page or counted towards your fundraising minimum.

As this is a Facebook feature, we cannot prevent the prompt from appearing on your Facebook page. When prompted, simply select the X in the top right corner to remove the prompt. If you have set up a Facebook Fundraiser, please deactivate it immediately. We still encourage sharing your Race for the Kids personal page on Facebook through your participant centre or by simply pasting your page link in a new post. We apologize for the inconvenience and are happy to answer any questions regarding Facebook Fundraising.

We do not encourage participants bringing pets to the event as it is unsafe with lots of people onsite on race day and leashes can become tripping hazards. If you do need to being your service dog to the event, we would ask that you start at the very back of the race, to ensure you are out of the way of others runners. We also ask that anyone running with a stroller starts at the back of the pack on race day, for the safety of all participants.

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