Campaign for BC Children


Much has changed since BC Children's Hospital was designed in the 1970s and, while we’ve maintained leadership in research and the delivery of care, our hospital building has been unable to keep pace. We've outgrown it in every imaginable way.

Fortunately, we have a solution: a new BC Children's Hospital.

More than 80,000 individuals and organizations (including our Leadership Donors) contributed more than $150 million to support the construction of the Teck Acute Care Centre, the heart of the new BC Children’s Hospital, adjacent to the current hospital in Vancouver. Donors have also contributed $50 million to support Child Health BC, an initiative of BC Children’s aimed at improving access to specialized medical care for children in communities across the province.

Here's why we are building a new BC Children's Hospital:

We’ll be ready for tomorrow’s patient
Staff in the new BC Children’s will be better able to manage the needs of children with chronic and complex conditions like cancer and cystic fibrosis. Today, with the right care supported by modern facilities, these children survive well into adulthood and have long and productive lives. In the near future, children with chronic health needs will occupy the majority of beds in children’s hospital, and the new BC Children’s will be equipped to support this new generation of survivors.

Wanted! Parents at the bedside
The involvement of parents and other family members in a child’s care has a positive impact on healing. They have come to play an essential role as part of the extended care team. The new BC Children’s Hospital will provide families with facilities that are the standard in modern hospitals, such as single patient rooms, in-room washrooms, parent beds and laundry and cooking facilities. The new BC Children’s will provide these and other amenities so that parents can focus on helping their children recover.

Who wouldn’t want to work at BC Children’s
Pediatric subspecialists spend many years honing their skills. They want to work in an environment that allows them to shine. Recruiting and retaining highly trained medical staff is particularly challenging when the workplace is an aging facility in an expensive city. A new hospital will make recruitment and retention easier and ensure our children continue to receive the best in care.

Designed for the future
The new BC Children’s Hospital will enable staff to take full advantage of the many benefits offered by medical technology. The current hospital was not designed for the extensive use of technology at the bedside, for imaging and diagnostics, and in the operating rooms. New technologies – from high-definition imaging devices to surgical robots – require space and infrastructure. The new BC Children’s will be built to adapt to changing technology.

Room to grow
The new hospital will address capacity issues that have existed since the current hospital first opened its doors in 1982. It will feature larger patient rooms with space to accommodate parents; the smallest of operating rooms in the new hospital will have more space than today's largest and will better accommodate the teams required for complex surgeries; and all patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit will be cared for in private rooms rather than in today's open ward environment.

New Hospital Progress