Young Ambassador Program


The Young Ambassador Program is a BC Children’s Hospital Foundation initiative whose mission is to inspire youth to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives while also supporting BC Children's Hospital through fundraising and awareness building. Comprising of members between the ages of eight and 21, the program has achieved tremendous success since it was founded in 2010. Through various fundraising and leadership development opportunities, members have learned important life lessons while participating in community initiatives that help to sharpen their communication, team-building and project management skills. Many of our members have also been accepted to prominent universities across Canada and in North America.

The program focuses on three areas of personal growth: 

  • Fundraising and project management skills;
  • Leadership development;
  • Community service.

For more information, visit or contact Joanne Poon at or 604-875-2345 x5402.

Elite Team Captains

  • Arthur Chan
  • Joanne Chan
  • Cici Fan
  • Cici Guan
  • Bill He
  • Lincoln Leung
  • Crystal Lin
  • Elizabeth Low
  • Desmond Lum
  • Michelle Niu
  • Tiffany Tu

Young Ambassador Gold Achievers

  • Jessica Chan
  • Jason Chen
  • Joanna Chen
  • Vanessa Cheng
  • May Fan
  • Amy Guan
  • Daniel Daren Jiang
  • Michelle Lau
  • Olivia Lau
  • Claudio Lee
  • Perrin Leung
  • Alice Li
  • Charles Liu
  • Maylim Siem
  • Eva Su
  • Joyce Tang
  • Cici Wei
  • Angel Wu
  • Anthony Yang
  • Sophia Zhang