Spencer Beauchene

When Spencer Beauchene came into this world, he was as small as infants get. Born at just 24 weeks and weighing only a pound and five ounces, Spencer was a micro preemie who could fit in the palm of a hand. Each of his fingers was the size of a couple grains of rice and his head was only slightly bigger than a golf ball. Spencer’s chances of survival were slim.

After three weeks of having difficulty with his breathing and processing oxygen in his blood, Spencer was sent to BC Children’s Hospital for heart surgery. The operation, led by BC Children’s chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr. Sanjiv Gandhi, gave Spencer a much-needed chance to survive.

Days after the surgery, Spencer became seriously ill with an e-coli infection that threatened his life. With the odds stacked against him, the resilient infant wasn’t ready to give up and, slowly, he began to breathe on his own. But his fight wasn’t over yet. As a result of his extended time on a ventilator Spencer developed a condition causing blindness; at just 14 weeks old, Spencer underwent laser eye surgery to save his vision and, thankfully, the surgery was once again a success.

Though his initial prognosis was grim, Spencer has overcome every obstacle. “We often say to people that if you don’t believe in miracles, then you have never met Spencer,” says his father, Mike. “We are thankful to have a facility like BC Children’s Hospital, where they are experienced in dealing with children with critically ill conditions. We owe them everything.”

Spencer is now almost two years old and is thriving because of the exceptional care he received.