Amelia McPherson

The average baby gains four to seven ounces per week in the first month of their life. Amelia McPherson, on the other hand, was losing weight and often vomited after feeding.

Concerned, her parents took her to their family doctor, who then sent them to Victoria General Hospital. At barely three weeks old, after numerous ultrasounds, blood tests, and x-rays, Amelia was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and sent to BC Children’s Hospital. One side of her heart wasn’t pumping at all and she needed surgery to reposition her veins, so blood could flow throughout her heart. Without an operation, she had only three more weeks to live.

At less than one month old, Amelia underwent open-heart surgery. Her terrified parents waited anxiously, while time ticked slowly by. Finally, the surgery was complete and they were able to see their daughter. It was difficult for them to see Amelia with so many tubes attached to her tiny body but they knew the machines were necessary to keep her alive.

Following the surgery, Amelia’s condition steadily improved. Doctors and nurses at BC Children’s Hospital carefully monitored her progress and after two weeks her elated parents could take their baby girl home. Amelia will continue to have her heart monitored until she is an adult.  

Today, Amelia is a healthy, affectionate and bright seven-year-old. She is very active and enjoys hanging out with her two older siblings, Corbin and Ashley.  Her parents, Kelly and Terry, say that there is not enough time in the world to express how grateful they are to BC Children’s Hospital for giving their daughter a second chance at life.