Olive Roberge

Diagnosed with an intestinal disorder only two days after her birth, Olive Roberge's short life has been one of strife. After undergoing major surgery at just 11 days old, Olive stayed at BC Children's Hospital for 51 days while caregivers monitored her health to ensure she was absorbing enough nutrients to grow.

Once caregivers taught her parents, Michelle and Justus, how to care for Olive's unique needs, she was finally able to go home and settle in with her eagerly awaiting siblings.

At one, Olive returned to Children's Hospital for another surgery. Her large intestine was mostly removed, and her small intestine was connected to her rectum to do the work of both large and small. Olive once again revealed her feisty vitality at every turn and continues to grow stronger. For the foreseeable future, she'll have to return to the hospital every six months for doctors to monitor her growth and ensure she remains healthy.

Today, trips to BC Children's are the farthest thing from Olive's mind. For now, she is much too focused on playing with her siblings, and her parents are happy just knowing that Children's Hospital will be there for them whenever they need it.