Braydon Mak

Ten-year-old Braydon Mak has never liked to sit still, not even after a round of chemotherapy. Instead of feeling lethargic after his cancer treatments, Braydon would come home and climb trees with his friends.

When Braydon’s parents Antoinette and Michael initially sought medical help for their son, they thought he might have sleep apnea. Instead they were sent directly to BC Children’s Hospital, where they learned that Braydon had cancer and needed immediate surgery.

Blind-sided, their only relief was that the large tumour growing into Braydon’s throat and the cancer in his spleen were a highly curable form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The following months turned life upside down for this family of six, with Antoinette staying close by Braydon’s side during his treatment. While their time at Children’s was difficult, the Maks credit their extended family, school community, and neighbours for helping to keep their family intact.

Today, Braydon is cancer-free. His family joined ChildRun shortly after Braydon’s diagnosis, and in 2013 Team Braydon raised $11,375 and won the Top Community Team prize with 120 participants. Braydon and his family are looking forward to raising even more funds for ChildRun this year.