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The 2020 Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend is a part of significant efforts to raise $5 million for BC Children’s Hospital’s world-class orthopedic team.

Performing over a thousand surgeries a year, orthopedic surgeons at BC Children’s are pioneering advances in care that are transforming the lives of kids in BC and around the world.

BC Children’s orthopedic clinic is one of the busiest clinics in the province, receiving more than 14,000 patient visits a year and seeing as many as 500 orthopedic conditions among kids. This team is best known nationally and around the world for treating kids suffering from the commonly known broken bones, to traumatic injuries and serious and lifelong conditions like complex spine and limb deformities, cerebral palsy and hip

But many kids still face enormous challenges. Each day, experts here must carefully weigh the best treatment option for these children—not just for today, but for the rest of their lives.
Your support will help build a sustainable research program that will amplify its research discoveries and breakthroughs in care for kids still facing enormous challenges with orthopedic conditions. Your generosity will also provide this team with critically needed equipment that will enable them to continue providing world-class care.







可是, 不少的孩子们每日仍面临庞大的挑战, 骨科专家们需仔细考量,为病童选择最佳的治疗方案,既帮助孩子治愈当前疾病,也希望能给他们带来最健康的未来。

您的支持将会有助研究项目的持续发展, 加快他们在研究取得突破, 帮助更多现正面临庞大挑战的骨科病童, 同时为团队配备最先进的医疗仪器,让他们能继续为孩子们提供世界级的儿科护理。

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