How Your Gift Helps


Kids are not just little adults

Our research and treatment programs are shaped by the fact that children can't be treated like adults. Children, for instance, do not have fully developed immune systems. That’s why they are far more susceptible to serious infections such as meningitis or pneumonia than adults. And because children have a higher metabolic rate than adults, illnesses take hold more rapidly, making timely care crucial.

The range of ages and sizes of the children who come through our doors also has a significant impact on treatment and the equipment required. Just consider the size difference between a newborn and a teenager – everything from breathing tubes to monitors and beds has to be sized accordingly to meet the individual patient’s needs. Your support will help us provide the best possible care for every infant, child and adolescent we treat.

You have an impact on kids' lives

BC Children's Hospital is the only children's hospital in the province, accessible to a population of close to one million children in BC and the Yukon. In order to ensure we provide exceptional health care to BC's children, we rely on support from the Chinese-Canadian community to help fund programs and initiatives that are above and beyond government support, including childhood disease research and the purchase of advanced medical equipment, so that leading pediatric care continues to be available to all of BC's children.

By supporting the Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend, you will help ensure the most urgent health needs of our patients are met. With your support we will conquer childhood disease like never before, provide our kids with specialized care to suit their unique needs, and do everything possible to not only treat kids when they're sick, but keep them healthy and safe in the first place. Together, we are built to heal.

For further information, please contact Johnson Lee, Philanthropy Officer, Community at or 604-875-2503.