Our Cause

BC Children’s Hospital treated over 130,000 children last year, diagnosing serious illnesses, applying life-saving treatments, and supporting patients’ physical and mental health.

There are approximately 58,000 children with potentially life-threatening food allergies in British Columbia. These children and their families can experience severe and negative consequences as a result of their allergy – including anaphylaxis due to accidental exposures, as well as isolation, bullying and anxiety. Their overall quality of life is negatively affected by their allergy.

Food allergy immunotherapy is a transformative treatment option for children with food allergies. BC Children’s Hospital is home to world-renowned pediatric allergists with expertise in food immunotherapy, a treatment which exposes an individual to small amounts of a food allergen by mouth gradually and in a controlled manner, with a goal of eliminating the allergy.

The team is determined to pave the way to increase access to food immunotherapy treatment for children in every corner of BC, from those living in the lower mainland to the most remote areas of the province. Through the development of the Virtual Food Allergy Immunotherapy Pilot Program at BC Children’s, the first nurse-supported virtual platform for food allergy immunotherapy in Canada, kids will be able to receive food immunotherapy aimed at eradicating their allergy and positively transforming their lives.

Imagine no longer having to live in fear that your child will suffer a life-threatening allergic reaction – this is a real possibility, thanks to the exceptional team at BC Children’s. Please join us in supporting BC Children’s Hospital.

Your donation will help ensure kids from across the province receive the best possible health care when they need it.

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