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About Grind For Kids
Grind For Kids is in its eighth year and leverages the enthusiasm of the thousands of people in the Lower Mainland that do the Grouse Grind on a regular basis. People sign up and ask friends, family and co-workers to pledge $1 or more for every Grouse Grind they do between the opening of the Grouse Grind (typically June) until the end of the season (typically October). At the end of the season participants will share their success with the people who have pledged them and request they fulfill their pledges. One time donations are also accepted.

In seven years over 28,000 Grouse Grinds have counted towards BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and close to $967,339.01 has been raised for BC’s sick kids.

How It Works
With your $25 registration fee you will get an official Grind Timer at Grouse Mountain Guest Services that tracks your progress real time. Simply swipe the timer at the base of the Grouse Grind before you start and at the top when you finish. You will be able to go to your personal donation page to track your progress.

Enjoy complimentary bag-check service, which means your bag will be waiting for you at the top when you finish the Grouse Grind!

About the Grouse Grind
The Grouse Grind is a 2.9-kilometre trail with 2,800 feet of vertical gain up the face of Grouse Mountain. It is commonly referred to by Vancouverites as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster”. Over 100,000 Grinds were completed last year.

About BC Children’s Hospital
By supporting Grind For Kids, you’re helping to give the province’s sickest and most seriously injured children their best chance of a healthy childhood – and the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. BC Children’s Hospital is the province’s only full-service, pediatric acute care hospital and serves the one million children living in BC and the Yukon. All children who are seriously ill or injured are referred to Children’s Hospital and are either treated at the hospital facility in Vancouver or, in consultation with Children’s specialists, in their home community. Last year, more than 86,600 children were treated at Children’s Hospital. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation received donations from more than 116,000 people last year and had revenues of $97.5 million. Funds raised by the foundation are used to support BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute.

Where The Money Goes
Funds raised through Grind For Kids will go toward Cardiology at BC Children’s Hospital, ensuring children with heart conditions continue to receive the best heath care possible in the future. On average, over 225 open-heart operations are performed at the hospital each year – over half of which are on children younger than one year old.

Thank you for making every Grouse Grind count and helping raise a mountain of money for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation!

For more information, please contact Cherie Spence at cspence@bcchf.ca.