Allison Eddy

Behind the Stethoscope

I am a pediatric nephrologist. As a clinician, I especially enjoy working with children and youth with chronic kidney disease and their families. I specialize in the care of children with diseases that are mediated by the dysfunction of the immune system. I have had the privilege of experiencing first-hand the discovery of new diagnostic tests, drugs and biological therapies that have revolutionized treatment and outcomes for many of the kidney diseases that affect our patients. I also find it extremely rewarding to teach and mentor young pediatricians who have chosen to specialize in the field of nephrology.

Medical Training

Medical school - McMaster University
Pediatric residency - McGill University
Subspecialty training in Pediatric Nephrology – University of Minnesota

Why I became A Doctor

Midway through an undergraduate degree in Biology, I realized that medicine was the ideal profession and every day I consider myself lucky to have been one of the chosen ones. For me, being a physician is both a hobby and a profession. The opportunity to develop close partnerships with patients and their families, to be entrusted to help them make difficult health-care decisions, to be able to pursue scientific questions, to serve as a teacher and mentor, to work with amazing colleagues in multidisciplinary teams, to think locally and globally, and to believe that you really can make the world a better place are unique opportunities for us.

What You’d Never Know About Me

For the past 20 years my husband Patrick, son Jamie and I have been “recharged” by regular trips to our camp in the high peak region of the Adirondack Park near Lake Placid. This place is my utopia. On another note, I spent six months in Africa after my residency and I continue to be intrigued by the culture and involved with the medicine in East Africa.


I enjoy working hard but I need to balance this with some hard play. As a result, I have always been active in sports. My true leisure time is most likely spent skiing, hiking, playing squash, or walking our English cocker spaniel, Porter. I love being mom to our 20-year-old son (a role that will never end; it just evolves) and catching up with friends and family.

Secret Fantasy

I think my endorphins are highest when I am physically challenged in the great outdoors and I have a secret fantasy of being an elite athlete, perhaps a high-altitude mountain climber or a skier on the world cup circuit.

If I didn’t have to work

I am not sure that I would completely give up medicine – it’s too much fun – but I would allow much more time for current and new hobbies. I would travel more, spend more time with friends, take interesting classes, become more involved in global health and get more exercise.


Follow your dreams, pursue things that you are passionate about, strive for excellence, believe that life’s disappointments usually bring new and perhaps even more rewarding opportunities.

What I’m Reading Now

Everything I can about living in British Columbia and navigating the intriguing and complex web of practicing academic pediatric medicine in this province.