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BC Children’s is transforming care, making diagnostics and treatments safer, faster, and more personalized, and working to find solutions for critical issues facing the sickest kids.

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Faced with a world of global challenges, children’s health rarely seems urgent in any single given moment. But we don’t have to look far to see the repercussions of not thinking ahead—more and more research tells us that many illnesses in adulthood have their origins in childhood. Our commitment to improving the health of kids will have a positive ripple effect for decades to come. Because tomorrow’s artists, inventors, peacekeepers, change-makers, thought leaders, and humanitarians are today’s children. And with this in mind, we can’t move fast enough.

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We can fast track life-changing breakthroughs from the lab straight to kids’ bedsides. Whether it’s kidney failure, cancer, heart disease, or brain health, at BC Children’s there are hundreds of health experts tirelessly delivering care, and over 1,000 researchers working on the next breakthrough. Your donation accelerates medical discoveries and brings new, more effective treatments to kids when all traditional ones have failed.

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At age 2, Navy was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called chronic granulomatous disease. While she received life-saving treatment and care from experts at BC Children’s, there was one more person who changed her life: her bone marrow donor and big sister, Hallie.

Meet India

Meet India

It was on a family stroll that India’s family noticed she had lost her spark and was not her usual bouncy self. The family’s world was flipped upside down when India was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), but this diagnosis never took her bold spirit.

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